Who does Frank Beltran serve, the people of Pueblo County or the State Auditor?

On his campaign website, Frank Beltran responds to my concerns about the over-valuation of HUNDREDS of homes in a Bessemer neighborhood as follows:

THIS IS A DIRECT SCREENSHOT FROM FRANK BELTRAN'S WEBSITE AT . On that page, Mr. Beltran actually makes this assertion TWICE in BOLD LETTERING! He leaves no doubt regarding his deference to "the Auditor". For assessment and audit purposes, economic areas are nothing more than aggregations of many neighborhoods encompassing THOUSANDS of homes.

Could Frank Beltran's allegiances be clearer? The HUNDREDS of homes in the noted Bessemer neighborhood have taxable values that are more than 8% HIGHER than the rest of Pueblo County, and more than 10% HIGHER than required by the state auditor...but Frank Beltran appears to NOT CARE. He plainly states on his campaign website that "The Auditor does their analysis on Economic areas, NOT NEIGHBORHOODS". Because the auditor does not care about fair and equitable values in individual neighborhoods, then it can be inferred that neither does Mr. such, he is willing to accept that some individual neighborhoods have taxable values more than 10% higher than need be.

I'm sorry, but neighborhoods define the character and the soul of our community. When was the last time you heard someone ask "Hey...what economic area are you from"? Individual neighborhoods are what make our community and our country unique. To ignore those distinctions is is Frank Beltran's disregard for fair and equitable assessment for the individual neighborhoods in Pueblo County.

While Frank has said that they have "never" had to tweak the data to bring it into compliance, Pueblo County was twice notified in the past after the May submission to the auditor that they were out of compliance on vacant land values, and were able to tweak the data utilizing statistical methods to bring them back into compliance.

After 16 years, you finally have a choice. Pueblo County deserves better.

Vote J. Angel Lewis for Pueblo County Assessor.

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