I wonder if Frank Beltran (the current assessor who has been in elected office for 16 years and is seeking yet another 4-year term) could explain some of the following inconsistencies in his last reappraisal - all of these homes lie within a 1/4-mile radius in Belmont, and each group consists of homes located in individual cul-de-sacs. Note that this represents a small portion of a single neighborhood:

If the taxable values on these 51 homes were correct before the last reappraisal, then these fluctuations indicate that they are now incorrect. If the taxable values on these 51 homes are now correct, then the prior values must have been wildly incorrect. At least one of these homeowners protested their taxable value based on these unusual valuations. WHY weren't the neighbors of that homeowner provided the same consideration? Why must homeowners be required to protest such valuation inconsistencies when they have already been brought to the attention of the Assessor's office? Where is the fairness?

I’m limited to researching such errors one by one; can you imagine the extent of such wild value fluctuations on a county-wide level? Can you imagine what I will find when elected??

Is this the kind of “experience” you deserve? If this is the best that the current assessor can do, clearly "passing the audit" is NOT enough. Pueblo deserves better – much, much better.

It’s time for a fresh perspective and a fresh set of eyes. I have over 15 years of experience as a real estate paralegal, realtor and will soon be finishing my law degree. Not only do I have the right kind of experience, I have the desire and drive to work for you, the people of Pueblo County.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog, and I hope that you have found it to be informative.

This November, vote J. Angel Lewis for Pueblo County Assessor

Consistency. Integrity. Community.

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