Help Me Prove Him Wrong!

When I was nominated to run for Assessor in Pueblo County, I knew I was qualified. With over 15 years of experience as a real estate paralegal, experience as a licensed realtor for Colorado, and having just finished law school - I am fully aware of how incorrect valuations affect homeowners and businesses. What I didn't realize was just how bad the problem was nor how long it had been going on. I have learned of and raised serious questions regarding assessments and have shown you a pattern of overassessments that have been occurring in our county for YEARS under Frank Beltran - an elected official who has been in office for 16 years and is seeking yet another 4-year term - that would be a full 20 years in office.

Yet what has he done in 16 years?? Abatements (refunds of taxes due to overassessments) are up over 400% according to the Office of Assessor, and there is a substantial increase in entire neighborhoods being over assessed according to the state audit records. And he wants another 4 years?

YOU deserve better.

When Frank Beltran stated during the debates that he personally went to a home and did an appraisal, then went back to the office and had the value reduced, what does that tell you? Does he question the competency of his staff or is he just a micromanager? The Office of Assessor is a supervisory position. Putting myself through undergrad as a store manager, I know how to properly run an office and how to manage and motivate staff.

You need to keep money where it belongs - in YOUR pocket. I will keep your valuations as low as statutorily possible, and will keep assessments fair, equitable and consistent. As I told everyone early on in my campaign, I will proactively educate you on the role of the Assessor and will personally meet you on Saturdays or every other Saturday with public forums to answer your questions.

And why hasn't Frank Beltran responded to my latest blog postings regarding the Bessemer over-valuations and the Belmont valuation insanity?

Is it because these values are indefensible? I believe he knows these values are wrong, and he is simply hoping that enough votes have already been cast to get him elected.

Please help prove him wrong.

It's not too late to vote in person or to drop off your ballot. Vote for a person that will put YOU FIRST.

Vote J. Angel Lewis for Pueblo County Assessor.

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