Consistency, Integrity, Community.

Updated: Aug 31

A native Iowan, I was raised to value family, to always further my education, and taught the value of hard work. I am a wife, mom, and we are a family that loves dogs.

I moved to Colorado to be closer to my family and eventually furthered my studies by obtaining my realtor license. Before I began law school, I was a real estate paralegal. This position involved clearing titles to properties, resolving the occasional boundary line dispute and working with lenders, buyers and sellers in transferring real property. As a realtor, I provided reasonable valuations and assisted owners and buyers in aspects (from listing, to contract, all the way to going to the closing table). With my legal experience, I was able to explain to buyers and sellers certain documents, such as the "preliminary title opinion" and how it affected the transaction. My focus is always on excellent customer service and attention to detail.

My experience, training, and expanding education makes me a perfect fit for County Assessor. The Assessor plays an important role in County government and works in close coordination with other departments. Citizens should know how the assessor’s office affects them as property owners and all the details should be transparent to property owners. As your assessor, I will manage the office with consistency, integrity and transparency.

Working my way through college as a store manager, I learned a tremendous amount about the value of retaining quality staff and keeping them motivated. It's vital for the office of the Assessor to retain licensed appraisers and office staff with experience. My staff and I will work closely to serve every taxpayer in Pueblo County leading with integrity. Helping citizens to receive timely, accurate and professional service will be the focus during my terms.

Keeping the community well informed regarding changes in levies or repeal of constitutional amendments is vitally important. It’s unfair to ask voters to vote yes or no for a new or renewing levy or repeal of a constitutional amendment without knowledge on how it will affect you. My office will give you a thorough explanation of the costs of voting “yes,” and the consequences of voting “no," and I will personally visit towns via a "town hall meeting." No longer will you go to the ballot box uninformed about issues that directly affect you.

Inconsistent assessments are an issue in the Assessor’s office. Pueblo county properties have skyrocketed, and these inconsistencies put you, the property owner, in jeopardy of either being overtaxed or overvalued. Due to changing circumstances of the market, my staff and I will correct errors and work with other Pueblo County departments to ensure consistency for all property owners. Just as realtors and lenders depend on information from the Assessor's office, my office will work hand in hand with lenders and realtors to not only ensure consistency but seeking input on how the Assessor's webpage can be improved. I commit to being available, transparent and a trustworthy County employee working for your benefit.

It’s time for a fresh, new direction that results in consistency, integrity with a primary focus on the citizens of Pueblo County. My office will provide every taxpayer with strong leadership, availability, transparency and a commitment to excellent customer service. With my legal background, experience as a realtor and a homeowner, not only do I have the experience necessary, but the heart to deliver more as your Pueblo County Assessor.

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